Equipment capabilities :

  • Whistanding various ETO concentration,
  • Pressure from -950 mbars to athmopheric pressure,
  • Total capacity from 280 pallets / month,
  • Entirely paramaterable cycle,
  • Supervision PC with detailed sterilisation REPORT,
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant automation.


Sterilisation capabilities :

  • Our Steriliser is working with high Concentration of ETO mix with Nitrogen to ensure maximum of efficieny and safety
  • Our equipment has been design to support any sterilisation cycle including :
    • All in one cycle,
    • Parametric release capable,
    • Active Pre conditioninng,
    • Variable Concentration of EtO from 350 to 950 mg/liter,
    • Varialble contact time,
    • Variable and high precision Humidity control,
    • Very efficient degassing with very low vacuum capacity and possiblity to have active degassing,
    • Top class composant (Wika, IFM, Burkert) to ensure very high reliably and very precise control and monitoring),
    • Automation based on PLC SIEMENS S7 series.